Ben Burgess: From Footballer to Teacher

Ben Burgess has written an article for the BBC about his journey after retirement and his career change from a professional footballer to a teacher. He also speaks about the emotions he experienced as well as his family and friends reactions.

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Sam Hutchinson opens up about his struggle with Depression following his injury nightmare


Sam Hutchinson speaks out about his mental health issues after his injuries stopped him from playing professional football. His interview with The Sun reveals how he dealt with early retirement and encourages other players to speak out too. Continue reading

Severe injuries linked to mental health

Dr Vincent Gouttebarge from the World Players’ Union (FIFPro) has conducted research to determine how common mental illness symptoms are amongst retired professional footballers. Some of these symptoms include distress, anxiety, depression, alcohol use, smoking, and sleep disturbance. He also wanted to find out whether there was a link to stressors such as injury and career dissatisfaction.
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Football discusses Mental Health


The PFA have teamed up with The Sporting Chance Clinic to increase the level of support provided for rising football stars and current players. It has focused on emotional well-being and addiction for 14 years now but has recently announced the launch of 24/7/365 counselling telephone helpline service to all members.

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Steve Harper on Depression – “I’m here for you”

tacklingstigma digests an article about Steve Harper and his journey with Mental illness.

Steve Harper, an English Professional GoalSteve_Harper_v_Ipswichkeeper, currently playing for EPL club Sunderland opened up to the media about his battle with depression. He has made 157 appearances for Newcastle United where he has made a name for himself, but has recently explained about his dark times in his career between 2001 and 2005.

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