Coaches’ awareness of mental health

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A recent study conducted in Australia analysed coaches awareness of mental health in youth sport as well as their ability to help support young people’s mental health. Although this study was not in the UK, it supports the idea that football-led interventions has the potential to contribute towards better mental health.

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Print media’s coverage of mental health

Despite modern day technology and social media at its prime, printed media is still going strong as a frequent source for mental health information. However, a number of studies have shown that the coverage is negative and contributes towards the stigma attached to mental health. Many people use print media to create their own understanding of mental health which can foster negative perceptions. Those with mental health disorders can be wrongly represented and the majority of articles within print media overlook the well-being of sufferers. The problems associated with print media is that it is unable to convey someones personality or the interaction between one another.
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