Mental health charter reflects on their one year anniversary


tacklingstigma has been in contact with the mental health charter for sport and recreation’s policy advisor, Hannah Dobbin. The Alliance recently surpassed its one year anniversary and Hannah has written a blog to reflect on its development and how it has made an impact.

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LeSean McCoy: Pain, loss and love

McCoy speaks of his hardships throughout his life and factors that have made him who he is today.

LeSean McCoy has been through love, loss and pain during his sports career which is a side of him people know little about. His performances for the Philadelphia Eagles are not to be missed but everything he has been through has contributed to his success on and off the field.

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I have always found TED talks comforting and incredibly inspirational throughout my own battle with mental health issues. These speakers are very brave and they are in the position where they are able to share their own experiences to help others in similar situations. Below, are several videos on the topic of mental health and suicide.

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Chris Lewis: Life after prison

A former British cricketer was released from prison in 2015. Chris Lewis, 48 served half of a 13 year sentence for drug smuggling. Following his release, he will now visit every first-class county before the season to try prevent players following in his footsteps. He will be discussing the importance of personal development and preparing for life after cricket.

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Six tips to boost university students’ mental health

As a university student myself, I know how stressful it can be in higher education. When deadlines are looming, money running out, being away from home and your peers are pressurising you to be social it can all become too much to handle. The Guardian have published an article with six useful tips for students in order to help boost their mental health.

A survey was carried out by the National Union of Students (NUS) last year and the results were astonishing. 78% of students had experienced mental health issues in the last year with a third of those students experiencing suicidal thoughts. An important statistic shows 54% of those students did not seek any support during this time.

University is a big step from school, however the support systems they have in place are substantially better. The university environment is designed to provide lots of support and social events in order to make students feel more comfortable at a very daunting time.

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Ben Burgess: From Footballer to Teacher

Ben Burgess has written an article for the BBC about his journey after retirement and his career change from a professional footballer to a teacher. He also speaks about the emotions he experienced as well as his family and friends reactions.

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SANE Charity’s Black Dog Campaign

The Black Dog campaign was created by a mental health charity SANE. The black dog has been used as a metaphor for depression and aims to bring the campaign to life with the use of black dog statues all around the country. Those suffering from mental health problems find it incredibly difficult to explain to others. The statues are placed as a physical presence to help people define their experiences with an ‘invisible’ illness. It also promotes discussion, understanding and acceptance, which ultimately contributes to decreasing the stigma attached to mental health. Celebrities, artists and members of the public are encouraged to get involved by designing ‘collars of hope’ and coats for the Black Dog campaign. Continue reading