Chris Lewis: Life after prison

A former British cricketer was released from prison in 2015. Chris Lewis, 48 served half of a 13 year sentence for drug smuggling. Following his release, he will now visit every first-class county before the season to try prevent players following in his footsteps. He will be discussing the importance of personal development and preparing for life after cricket.

He played for Nottinghamshire, Surrey and Leicestershire in the 1990’s. He has also played thirty two Tests and fifty three ODIs for England before getting caught smuggling liquid cocaine into Britain from St Lucia.

“I could help young players to avoid some of the pitfalls that you may face in a professional career in modern-day sport.”

Chris Lewis told BBC sport that he is aware of how privileged he is to be playing the game he loves but there are pressures of being a top sportsman. His tour of the 18 first-class counties has been organised by the Professional Cricketers Association with Lewis only receiving travel expenses.

”One decision, or a couple of decisions, made over a lifetime for me shouldn’t necessarily define who you are.”

“With that experience I can do this and I can do that and you keep on moving. Once you’ve recognised you’ve made the wrong choice, you keep moving,” added Lewis.

Fowler, the former Lancashire and Durham opening batsman will be joining Lewis on tour after appearing in the PCA’s Mind Matters series discussing depression and other mental health issues. Their aim is to raise awareness of the support from the PCA and the confidential helpline they offer.

The County Championships will start on the 10th of April. Below are the scheduled county visits:

February 29: Leicestershire

March 3: Hampshire

March 4: Somerset and Gloucestershire

March 8: Yorkshire and Lancashire

March 10: Kent

March 15: Sussex and Essex

March 17: Glamorgan

March 21: Derbyshire and Warwickshire

March 24: Worcestershire

March 29: Nottinghamshire

April 1: Middlesex

April 4: Northamptonshire

April 6: Surrey

April 8: Durham


Click here to listen to the Chris Lewis interview in short.

Click here to watch a video interview of Chris Lewis speaking about his career.



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