Football discusses Mental Health


The PFA have teamed up with The Sporting Chance Clinic to increase the level of support provided for rising football stars and current players. It has focused on emotional well-being and addiction for 14 years now but has recently announced the launch of 24/7/365 counselling telephone helpline service to all members.

Members of the PFA now have access to a national network of 62 fully-trained counsellors. They also offer residential treatment as a result of The Union providing support and funding to The Sporting Chance Clinic.

The Sporting Chance Clinic was founded by Tony Adams, a former England Captain, who has also spoken about his personal battle with alcohol dependency and poor mental health. This clinic was set up to help men and women within the sports industry who have suffered with similar problems and wish to seek professional help. Tony Adams MBE states, “Sporting Chance is absolutely up there with all the medals I’ve ever won, the England cap and everything. I’m very proud of what I created here”.

The PFA website is inundated with symptoms, signs and factual information regarding depression, stress management, anxiety, and anger. In addition to this, they provide help and advice on player contracts, and retirements which are two major components in a player’s career. The PFA have listed a wide variety of support nationwide including voluntary sector specialist organisations, help within the game and who to contact as a first approach.

Please see tacklingstigma’s media page to watch the video on the PFA and The Sporting Chance Clinic’s work with young academy players featuring Kelly Smith, Martin Ling, Clarke Carlisle and more.



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